No one ever got in trouble for feeling anger, it’s how it is dealt with that can cause problems.

Anger is sometimes an appropriate response, but how you channel and manage that anger is critical. Left unchecked, mismanaged anger has the potential for substantial risk, perhaps more than any other emotion; it can alienate us from people, lead us to do things that we regret, and in some instances lead to aggression and violence.

Managing your anger is a skill like any other, and can be learned.

Controlling anger can difficult. Working together we address your triggers and identify your beliefs about these triggers, to help understand the connection between your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and consequences, so that you can better manage your frustration, emotional outbursts, aggression and other negative effects.


Treatment for anger includes empowering the client to manage problem solving, relaxation training, mindfulness, communication skills, and cognitive restructuring.

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